I have been playing the harp for 15 years. Through years of formal and private training I have developed a unique and intricate style. Originally from Tampa, Florida, where I began to play at the age of 8, I eventually went on to graduate from Oklahoma City University on scholarship for my harp playing. While I have had intensive training in the classical art of harp playing, I have also ventured and performed with more contemporary groups where the harp is rarely seen including Jazz and World music groups. I have a melodious, sensitive playing style, and a cool manner of extended techniques and rhythmic grooves. Currently, I am resident harpist at Busch Gardens, Lotus Pond Yoga Studio, Shuffle, Patel Conservatory, and others.  I perform regularly around the Tampa and central Florida area for a wide variety of events. Below you will see a list of services offered, a partial list of places I have performed (some very regularly), and groups I have performed with throughout my whole career thus far.  


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 SERVICES OFFERED:                                



Solo Performance

Church Performance

Retirement or Hospice home

Daycare Performance

Healing Centers

Yoga Classes/Meditations

Orchestral or Chamber Ensemble

Studio Time

Private Parties                                                              

PEOPLE, PLACES AND EVENTS:                    

Oklahoma City University Symphony Orchestra

Oklahoma City University Wind Philharmonic  

Society of Strings Sinfonia Orchestra

All-State Florida Orchestra

Howard W. Blake Symphony Orchestra

Canterbury Youth Choir

(and many other chamber ensembles and groups)

The Pink Piano

Lotus Pond Yoga Studio

Busch Gardens(SerengetI Overlook)

Patel Conservatory

Colcord Hotel

Chase Building

21C Museum Hotel

Cuppies and Joe

Hubbly Bubbly Hookah Cafe and Lounge

The Parish

Crossings Church, Tampa FL

Wesley First United Methodist, OKC

Christ United Methodist Church, Tulsa

First Presbyterian Church, OKC

(and many other churches for various reasons)

David A. Straz Performing Arts Center, Morsani Hall

Oklahoma City University School of Law

The Oklahoma Governors Mansion

Sauced on Paseo

Sauced Music Festival

Norman Music Festival

Project 21 Music Festival

20+ Weddings (Ceremonies and Receptions)

Morning Musical Meditations

Numerous Dinner Parties, and many restaurants

Retirement and Hospice Homes

Art Galleries and Openings

Art Socials (Live Painting Sessions) 

Moon Sun Reflection (Band with studio time)

Clovis Culture (Harp, Trumpet, Djembe, and Voice)